MOMBcast #21


MOMBcast comes of age in episode 21. We talk about current comics, and also take time to talk about a “nontroversy” surrounding Captain America, if trades or floppies are the way forward, and in our.

Spotlights this week:
Pride Of Baghdad by Brian K Vaughan & Niko Henrichon – buy it here!
We3 by Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely – buy it here!
Outro music by Polyphonic Spree.

Show Timings:
09:00 Sweet Tooth #6 (Jeff Lemire)
15:05 Hit Monkey #1 (Daniel Way/Dalibor Talijic)
19:55 Haunt #5 (Robert Kirkman/Greg Capullo/Ryan Ottley)
23:30 West Coast Blues (Jacques Tardi)
36:00 Groo The Wanderer: The Hogs Of Horder #3 (Sergio Aragones/Mark Evanier)
38:20 Batman & Robin #8 (Grant Morrison/Cameron Stewart)
42:50 Punisher Max #4 (Jason Aaron/Steve Dillon)
46:40 Invincible Iron Man #23 (Matt Fraction/Salvador Larroca)
48:00 Daytripper #3 (Fabio Moon/Gabriel Ba)
50:15 S.W.O.R.D. #4 (Kieron Gillen/Steven Sanders)

53:15 Captain America Controversy
01:01:00 Trade Vs Floppy

01:11:30 Pride Of Baghdad (Bryan K Vaughan/Niko Henrichon)/We3 (Grant Morrison/Frank Quitely)