MOMBcast #22


Attack of the robot gender realigning pickle dick attachers. It’s the 22nd episode and we lose Jane to the robots (for one week only).

This week’s spotlight: Locke and Key volume 1 – Welcome to Lovecraft by Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez – buy it here!
Outro music by The Coral.

Show Timings:
13:15 Spider-Woman #6 (Brian Michael Bendis/Alex Maleev)
18:00 Joe The Barbarian #2 (Grant Morrison/Sean Murphy)
27:45 Deadpool #19 (Daniel Way/Carlo Barberi)
35:30 Marvels: Eye Of The Camera #6 (Kurt Busiek/Jay Anacleto)
44:39 Punisher #14 (Rick Remender/Tony Moore – Dan Brereton)

56:40 Locke & Key vol 1: Welcome To Lovecraft (Joe Hill/Gabriel Rodriguez)