MOMBcast #42


James has very special news, and we’re all too exhausted with excitement to talk about comics. Jane gives it a damn good try, though, with a great spotlight on Clumsy by Jeffrey Brown.
MOMBcast – if we’re the answer, you’re probably asking the wrong question…

Spotlight: Clumsy by Jeffrey Brown – buy it here!
Outro music by Nina Simone.

Show Timings:

09:20 Demo #6 (Brian Wood/Becky Cloonan)
14:40 Scarlet #1 (Brian Michael Bendis/Alex Maleev)
23:20 Thor: The Mighty Avenger #1 (Roger Langridge/Chris Samnee)

33:10 Nu Earth – 2000AD tribute book from Failboat Press

38:00 Spotlight: Clumsy (Jeffrey Brown)