MOMBcast #46


On MOMBcast 46, we have no guest. None. ZERO. We soldier on, reviewing our spinning orders and spotlighting Mawil’s Beach Safari. Lovely!

Spotlight: Beach Safari by Mawil Witzel – buy it here!
Outro music by Martha & The Muffins.

Show Timings:

16:00 Daredevil – Black & White #1 (Peter Milligan/Jason Latour & Rick Spears/Mick Bertilorenzi & Ann Nocenti/David Aja)
20:50 Shadowland #2 (Andy Diggle/Billy Tan)
29:00 Pilot Season: Stellar (Robert Kirkman/Bernard Chang)
39:10 The Boys #45 (Garth Ennis/Russell Braun)

45:30 The Weekly Crisis – Secret Invasion

50:30 Spotlight: Beach Safari (Mawil Witzel)