MOMBcast #47


On MOMBcast #47, we review our spinning orders, talk about the conclusions of some webcomics that we love, and Jane shines a light on American Virgin. We also remember Mike Wieringo, comic artist extraordinaire and all round lovely man.

Spotlight: American Virgin by Steven T Seagle & Becky Cloonan – buy it here!
Outro music by Kim Wilde.

Show Timings:
16:10 Welcome to Tranquility: One Foot In The Grave #02 (Gail Simone/Horacio Dominques)
28:10 The Unwritten #16 (Mike Carey/Peter Gross)
37:50 Torchwood #01 (John & Carole E. Barrowman/Tommy Lee Edwards + Gary Russell/Adrian Salmon)
40:00 DV8 – Gods & Monsters #04 (Brian Wood/Rebekah Ann Isaacs)
41:40 Daredevil #509 (Andy Diggle & Antony Johnston/Roberto De La Torre)
44:15 Daytripper #09 (Gabriel Bá/Fábio Moon)

52:40 Webcomics News:
The Everyday (Adam Cadwell) -
Ellerbisms (Marc Ellerby) -
Whubble (Jamie Smart) -

58:00 Particle Fiction #05 (Timothy Swann/David Wynne) -
01:00:00 American Virgin Vol 01/02 (Steven T. Seagle/Becky Cloonan)