MOMBcast #48


In the 48th MOMBcast, we review our spinning orders for the week, talk about what we’re going to do for our birthday and what’s in store for Batman.

Spotlight book is Tintin – The Black Island by Herge - buy it here!
Outro music by Lou Reed.

Show Timings:
14:15 Morning Glories #01 (Nick Spencer/Joe Eisma)
20:40 DV8: Gods & Monsters #05 (Brian Wood/Rebekah Ann Isaacs)
22:40 New Mutants #16 (Zeb Wells/Leonard Kirk)
23:40 Sweets #02 (Kody Chamberlain)
27:30 Chew #13 (John Layman/Rob Guillory)

33:20 Scott Snyder & Jock on Detective Comics announced

37:50 Spotlight: Tintin and The Black Island (Herge)