MOMBcast #109


In our 109th episode, we talk about comics, including Azzarello & Risso’s Spaceman, which is great.

Contributions from Michael Georgiou & Timothy Swann.
Outro by Gorillaz.

And it’s DEFINITELY worth listening to the very end, this week.

This is where the people Michael mentioned in his MCM Expo rundown are going to be (those are their table numbers):

Planet Ruskin – B4

Davy Shirley – B6

We Are Words and Pictures – B10

Ubermidget – C2

Negshin, Di San & Hocus – D3

Orang Utan Comics -E4/5/6

Matt Dyson – F10

Beyond the Bunker – G1

Gronk Comics – H5

Luke Surl – K5

Private Study – K12

MikeDraws (Michael Georgiou) – J6 or