…Meanwhile, at MCM Expo


We’ve always heard good things about MCM Expo, mainly from friends of MOMB Ian Sharman and David Wynne. But this weekend, they had a bit of a weird time of it:

Ian gives a bit of background here:

This weekend was my eleventh London MCM Expo, it will also be my last.

Why? Well, let me give you a bit of background here…but I’ll say first that these are gripes. We understand that mistakes happen at shows, and we could have easily forgiven them, but it’s what they led to that is the real problem.

Read his whole post here.

Now, MOMB thinks that a lot of what David and Ian complained about are fairly standard convention whinges – things that are annoying, and sometimes expensive, but ultimately between the exhibitors or punters and their wallets – but what’s a bit more problematic for us is how the MCM Expo organisers apparently handled criticism. Ian brushes on it in his post. David talks about it more in the audio attached to this post.

David is understandably upset – nobody likes to have that sort of attention drawn to them – but it’s important to note that MOMB wasn’t actually there.  Between us we know and respect people who worked/work on MCM Expo, and have heard a lot from pleased punters in the past.

However, separating exhibitors from the convention floor and suggesting that they have to answer for tweets that they’ve sent is problematic. In the case of most people – David is a bit of a giant, and quite self-possessed – it’s practically intimidation. Whether this behaviour was a glitch, down to MCM policy, or just a matter of frayed nerves or overzealous staff on the day, we don’t know, but if anybody from MCM wants to get back to us, either by mail or in the comments, we’d be happy to hear from them.

Hopefully it’s obvious from the slightly craven writing of this post, but the opinions of David Wynne are his own, and MOMB takes no responsibility for yadda yadda yadda. However, if staff at a convention are handling dissenting voices in this way, we’d certainly like to know what the thinking behind it is.