MOMBcast #120


This week we talk about comics, Transformers, Tintin and the Oscars.

Spotlight: Green Manor Part 1 – Assassins and Gentlemen by Fabien Vehlmann & Denis Bodart – buy it here!
Outro by Matt Berry – buy Snuff Box on DVD here!

Notes and Timings:

00:01:29 Living the Buffy dream
00:03:00 The real end of the world
00:04:17 A lot of eggs in a James shaped basket
00:05:23 Mankini
00:06:00 The MOMBcast USP
00:06:31 Leigh Gallagher Art Saleclick here!
00:07:26 DC Nation Aardman Animation – watch here!
00:07:55 Hush with Jim Lee pencils
00:10:22 2000AD feature in Front

00:11:08 This week’s comics
00:11:13 American Vampire #2 – Scott Snyder & Rafael Albuquerque
00:11:43 A dog with a boner more like
00:15:47 I, Vampire by Joshua Hale Fialkov & Andrea Sorrentini
00:20:19 The Internet Vampire
00:23:25 Canadian listeners
00:24:06 2000ad #1767
00:25:19 Brooklyn Dreams by JM Dematteis & Glen Barr
00:26:15 Prophet #21 by Brandon Graham & Simon Roy

00:34:31 News Ambush!
00:34:33 Creative differences between Robert Kirkman & Rob Liefeld
00:34:54 Tintin Oscar snub
00:35:18 Simon Furman Marvel continuity back in Transformers comics
00:37:49 The Queen visits
00:40:42 Are the Oscars etc still relevant?
00:50:15 What constitutes life, Jane?
00:50:59 Jeffrey Brown makes Save The Date – Interview with Jeffrey Brown at CBR here!
00:54:06 Girls and Thomas The Tank Engine
00:55:16 I didn’t do it or nothin officah!

00:55:52 Competition winner announcement
01:00:36 Not reaching our profit potential

01:01:29 Spotlight: Green Manor

01:11:45 PJANG by Rol Hirst et albuy it here!
01:14:34 Richard Herring