MOMBcast #122


In our 122nd episode, Nick and James start bad and get worse. We talk about this week’s comics, discuss a couple of prominent indie and small-press releases, and Nick spotlights one of his favourite comic books ever, and makes a hash of it.

Spotlight: Brooklyn Dreams by JM DeMatteis & Glen Barr – buy it here!
Outro by Lou Reed – buy it here!
Contribution by Kehaar – listen to Dissecting Worlds here!

Notes and Timings:

00:01:50 Our weeks
00:06:00 Hypergirl Hardcover – order it here!
00:07:00 George Beedham’s Big Cartel Shop is here!

00:07:00 This Week’s Comics
00:07:50 The New Deadwardians by Dan Abnett & I Culbard
00:09:00 Journey Into Mystery #634 by Kieron Gillen & Richard Elson
00:10:20 On traditional shops
00:12:00 The end of the collector?
00:14:50 Ferals #2 by David Lapham & Gabriel Andrade
00:19:40 Carnage USA #3 by Zeb Wells & Clayton Crain
00:21:00 Captain America the First Avenger
00:24:00 Conan The Barbarian #1 by Brian Wood & Becky Cloonan
00:27:00 Thief Of Thieves #1 by Robert Kirkman, Nick Spencer & Shawn Martinborough
00:30:20 Peanuts #2 by various
00:33:30 Punisher Max #22 by Jason Aaron & Steve Dillon

00:35:50 Kehaar on Judge Dredd & Judge Caligula
00:41:00 Into The Woods by Various – Will be available here!
00:45:00 The Worst Product Placement Ever

00:45:50 Spotlight – Brooklyn Dreams by JM Dematteis & Glenn Barr

01:08:00 Private Study by Graham Johnson – read it here!
01:09:30 Movie talk!
01:12:50 Catching up on Dissecting Worlds
01:14:00 Kehaar’s Baby Seagull