Twitter Comic 2012: Open Call for Ideas

On Good Friday 2012 the monkeys will gather together to give thanks to Jesus for his gift to the world. You see if Jesus hadn’t died for our sins then we wouldn’t get a Bank Holiday, meaning we couldn’t bring you the Twitter Comic 2012!

On the 6th April 2012 MOMBcomics (along with David Wynne) will be creating a Twitter comic!

To make this happen we need YOUR help. Once again we need you to suggest potential scenarios to get the ball rolling.

Either post your idea in the comments below, or on Twitter using the hash tag #twittercomic2012. & we’ll put them all up here. Then from 23rd March 2012 we’ll kick off the voting to decide which idea will form the starting point for (y)our story!

(To get an idea of how this works, catch up on the last Twitter Comic here, here and here, and see the end results here!)

So get busy thinking people, this thing isn’t gonna write itself!