Twitter Comic 2012. Voting is Open!

Some might argue that the biggest comic book event this April would be Marvel’s Avengers Assemble… & you’d probably be right, but in close second this April’s biggest comic book event will be the MOMB Twitter comic 2012!!!! An event that that critics & fans are calling “a really good idea that sounds like a lot of fun” (Well, when I say critics & fans I actually mean my Nan)

Once again we asked for your ideas & once again you gave them to us, but these weren’t just any ideas, these were outstanding, brilliant amazing ideas. Ideas that are so incredible it’s going to make the next part very difficult indeed.

We want YOU to decide which of the scenarios listed below will kick off the story. Voting is open from now until the 5th April & then on the 6th we will contact the winner to congratulate them before asking them to provide the first tweet to kick the off story. The drawthor & friend of MOMB David Wynne will then draw this tweet into a panel & where the story goes from there is up to you. All you have to do to get involved is submit a tweet to progress the story, & David Wynne will turn these tweets into genuine comic panels that will make you the envy of your friends & family. As each panel is completed we’ll be posting it here so you can follow events as they unfold.

Follow the MOMBCOMICS, @jamesMOMB, @JonMOMB or @JaneMOMB @nixsight for more details on the day.

Take a look at how last year’s twitter comic turned out!

The scenarios are:

A spy breaking into an Area 52 / Warehouse 13 base filled with weird shit

Clarky The Cruel

A young woman discovers a possessed Cricket Bat in her Grandfathers Attic & aids it in a mythic quest.

Maxy Barnard

Two young lovers break free from the city they grew up in to go on their first holiday, camping. After the first night’s sleep, they zip open the tent and somehow the world has changed.

Steev Bishop

A young comics artist discovers a mystic pen, the pen controls the work of the artist and thus the destiny.

Lee Douglas

An aquarium owner innocently places an ancient alien artefact in to his tank which endows the fish with a variety of mystical meta powers, however a single guppy is at the same time bombarded with cosmic rays which causes him to go on a murderous rampage in the bowl, and leads him to plot to take over the world. The only person (fish) that can stop him is a down on his luck Loach with a drink and drug habit. (Based on a true story)


 A girl wakes up to find herself in a prison cell made of stone with two armored skeleton guards stand outside her door. She slowly opens her hand and finds a small device with a flashing red button on it.

Jimmy Palmiotti

Numerous zombie rabbits are destroying villages with exploding chocolate Easter eggs and the only person who can stop them is a lasso wielding fox called Gertrude.

Mike Draws

Contaminated kebab meat is turning pissed up idiots into freakish monsters. The meat, bought illegally turns out to have been from a unicorn (or cyclops or something)


Well c’mon people get voting!!!