Punk Rock Jesus #1

Sean Murphy’s latest creation sees us in the middle of moral dilemma between faith, evaluation and TV ratings. Set in the not too distant future, the books main focus is the second coming of Jesus (hang on, isn’t this the third time?) including auditions for the Virgin Mary, an immaculate conception and the fully televised birth of the clone of Jesus Christ, J2. Yes that’s right, in true Truman style this will be for your viewing pleasure as TV network OPHIS ensure they are top of the ratings chart by retelling one of the oldest stories around.

Everyone has an opinion, you’re either for or against this historic event and no one is more affected then those right at the heart of the operation. We are introduced to a cast of people who have sacrificed something to enable them to gain what they really want from this exploitative adventure. Dr Sarah Epstein, a world-famous geneticist and environmentalist has used her expertise on cloning to save animals through to creating and cloning plants that could save the world. Does resurrecting Christ mean she can continue to save the rest of us? Thomas McKael is the very damaged security chief who has an axe to grind, and you’re left wondering where he’s going to sharpen it. Mr Slate, OPHIS’s man to make sure everything goes to plan and by any means necessary. Finally we have Gwen, the willing Virgin Mary. OPHIS have made her life and her uterus the co-star in this glorified reality show.

Murphy sets the scene perfectly for a tale of power and revenge to a backdrop of an all consuming media frenzy that we aren’t far from achieving. The first issue flows at a perfect pace and the reader is subtly pulled head first into the manipulation, unsure of who to trust, and left wanting more.

If you listen to MOMBcast you’ll know that I adore Sean Murphy’s art and Punk Rock Jesus doesn’t disappoint. Keeping it clean in black and white, Murphy’s linear, detailed style brings his story to life, leaving you to¬†wonder why he hasn’t been doing this drawthor thing all¬†along. Punk Rock Jesus issue 1 of 6 from Vertigo $2.99