MOMBcast Free Comic Book Day 2013 Special


On the 4th of May, 2013, we were invited down to Forbidden Planet Southampton to record another Free Comic Book Day special!

We talk about a few comics, but to be honest this year reading and recording was secondary to talking to people who came to the table – we met a lot of awesome people, including a few fellow podcasters we didn’t know about, a cosplay costume-making couple, a man who buys comics for our city library, and at least one new friend who stuck around with us all day.

And by the way, if you’re one of the people I just mentioned, you should¬†definitely get in touch with us somehow, like we suggested. At this event, we weren’t being insincere with¬†anyone about that. You were all ace.

The very generous folk at Forbidden Planet Southampton also gave us a whole bunch of Free Comic Book Day comics to give away, so like last year we’re running a competition!

To enter, send us an email to with the answer to this question:

How many individual comics, NOT including graphic novels and collected editions/trade paperbacks, did Forbidden Planet Southampton sell on Free Comic Book Day 2013 (04/05/2013)?

(There are kinda little clues in the show itself, but probably nothing that gives it away.)

The closest answer wins a bundle including one copy of every FCBD comic made available to the store. Runners up will each receive smaller bundles of FCBD comics.

The competition closes at 18:00 on Thursday 16th May, GMT.

Everybody is free to enter, except for employees of Forbidden Planet or MOMB, and we’ll dispatch to anywhere in the world.

(So we’re hoping the prizes will go to someone local, but we’ll abide by whoever actually wins!)

Hosted by JaneMOMB, JamesMOMB, and Nixsight.
Special guests Michael Georgiou and David Wynne.
Forbidden Planet hosts James and Steve.

We’d like to thank all of the people at Forbidden Planet Southampton, as well as all of the people we met, for being awesome.

(The sound quality on this show is a little sketchy throughout, so sorry about that.)

Show Timings:

00:00:00 Introduction
00:06:00 A message in support of our libraries
00:09:30 First wave of comics
00:30:30 Second wave of comics
00:49:00 Third wave of comics
01:07:30 Interviews with FP James, David Wynne & Mike Georgiou
01:23:30 Competition details