MOMBcast #216


In a hastily put together episode, wherein our very good friends rescue us from sickness-related unavailability:

Michael Georgiou talks Lloyd And The Bear, Moon and Shrapnel.
Kehaar talks Imaginary Gumbo and makes a plea.
Peter Hammerson talks Knightfall.
And Timothy Swann talks about a bunch of different things.

We give thanks to our glorious friends and contributors!

Show notes:
Lloyd And The Bear by Gibson Grey – link.
Moon by Dan Thompson & Steve Penfold – link.
Shrapnel by Holly Rose & Katrine Rasmussen – link.
Gina Torres As Wonder Woman – link.
Marvel Unlimited – link.
Psycomedia – link.
Scary Go Round by John Allison – link.
The Common Swings – link.
Pain Train by Mark Pain – link.
Gunshow by KC Green – link.
Imaginary Gumbo by Dave Bulmer & Abby Ryder – link.
Knightfall by various – buy it here.