So after 250 episodes and several specials, and so many laughs and lovelinesses, it has come time to lay the MOMBcast to rest.

In this episode, James, Jane, Jon and Nick are all in the studio, to talk about the past, and give some hints to the future. There are also appearances from David Wynne and Max Barnard, and a very kind message from Peter Hammerson.

There’ll be a full statement about this later – probably more than one, knowing us - and there are a few more details in this episode, but the most important thing to know is that for at least the foreseeable future this site and all of these episodes will remain, we are still alive and planning on working with each other on more podcasts in the very near future, and we love you all. You’ve been incredibly supportive and thoughtful over the last 4.8 years, and we hope you’ll support us in our future endeavours; we have never take that support for granted, and will always be grateful for the hours of your time you’ve given us.

Stay subscribed and hopefully, pretty soon, there’ll be more audio goodness coming your way. Oh, and listen to the very end of this episode. Always listen to the very end of the episode.

We love you! Buhbye!