MOMBcast #26


MOMBcast 26 the edition of many interruptions. We discuss our spinning orders. We also chat about Comixology, a TBP library in the US, the decline in Manga sales and David Wynne’s new project.

Our Spotlight is the small press book Songbird/Birdsong – buy it here!
Outro music by The Bluetones.

Show Timings:
17:00 Choker #2 (Ben Templesmith/Ben McCool)
21:00  Siege #3 (Brian Michael Bendis/Olivier Coipiel)
32:30 American Vampire #1 (Scott Snyder & Stephen King/Rafael Albuquerque)
37:50  Groo – Rufferto (Sergio Aragones)
41:30  Joe The Barbarian #3 (Grant Morrison/Sean Murphy)
47:00 Spider-Woman #7 (Brian Michael Bendis/Alex Maleev)
51:30 Siege Embedded #3 (Brian Reed/Chris Samnee)
54:30 Dark Avengers #15 (Brian Michael Bendis/Mike Deodato)

01:22:00 SongBird/BirdSong (Various awesome people)