MOMBcast #31


So what happens when Britain is cloaked under a cloud of Icelandic Volcanic ash? Pretty much the same thing as what happens when there are no comics on a bank holiday. Although in this episode James is reunited with and old friend, Nick goes digital and Jane reads some early work from Ba and Moon, as well as a little bit of Bat talk.

Spotlighted this episode: Batman – Knightfall – buy it here!
Outro music by Gorillaz (feat Dennis Hopper).

Show Timings:

11:00 Eldritch (Drew Rausch/Aaron Alexovich)
16:00 Queer Romance (Adam Moore)
21:00 Rock ‘N’ Roll (Fabio Moon/Gabriel Ba/Bruno D’Angelo/Karo)
31:40 Mesmo Delivery (Rafael Grampa)

38:45 2000AD #1681
Judge Dredd: Tour of Duty – The Talented Mayor Ambrose Pt 8 (John Wagner/Colin MacNeil)
Damnation Station: The Feelings That You Lack (Al Ewing/Boo Cook)
The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael (and the Dead Left In His Wake) Pt 5 (Rob Williams/Dom Reardon)
Zombo: Zombo’s 11 Pt 7 (Al Ewing/Henry Flint)
Nikolai Dante: Heroes Be Damned Pt 3 (Robbie Morrison/Simon Fraser)

01:02:30 Batman: Knightfall – Batman going away, and coming back again.