MOMBcast #41


We welcome our first ever live, in the flesh guest, the multi-talented comicer David Wynne. He joins us to talk about Particle Fiction as well as join in with the usual comic book chatter, and spotlights for us too!

Show Timings:
16:30 Madame Xanadu #24 (Matt Wagner/Marley Zarcone)
23:10 Northlanders #29 (Brian Wood/Fiona Staples)
29:00 Captain Swing & The Electrical Pirates Of Cindery Island #2 (Warren Ellis/Raulo Caceres)
44:10 Invincible Iron Man Annual (Matt Fraction/Salvador Larroca)
45:30 Thor #611 (Kieron Gillen/Richard Elson)

54:10 Particle Fiction! (David Wynne)

01:14:30 Spotlight: The Life And Times Of Martha Washington In The Twenty-First Century (Frank Miller/Dave Gibbons) – buy it here!
Outro music by Faith No More.