MOMBcast #49


In the 49th episode, we talk around our spinning orders, discuss our new iPhone app, and Jane spotlights the last half of American Virgin.

Spotlight – American Virgin by Steven T Seagle & Becky Cloonan – buy it here!
Outro by Soma High -

Show Timings:
15:50 Wonder Woman #601 (J Michael Straczynski/Don Kramer)
24:40 New Avengers #03 (Brian Michael Bendis/Stuart Immonen)
29:00 Thor #613 (Kieron Gillen/Richard Elson)
32:00 Batman #702 (Grant Morrison/Tony Daniel)
35:00 Highland Laddie #01 (Garth Ennis/Keith Burns & John McCrea)

41:40 Spotlight: American Virgin Vol 03/04 (Steven T Seagle/Becky Cloonan)