MOMBcast #51


In the 51st episode, we’re back on a more positive footing, with current comics, more birthday talk, and another one of James’ now famous Tintin spotlights, as he talks to us about Tintin In Tibet.

Spotlight is Tintin In Tibet by Herge – buy it here!
Outro music by Beastie Boys.

Show Timings:
17:40 Daytripper #10 (Fabio Moon/Gabriel Ba)
20:40 Batman & Robin #14 (Grant Morrison/Frazer Irving)
24:30 American Vampire #06 (Scott Snyder/Rafael Albuquerque)
29:00 Daredevil #510 (Andy Diggle & Antony Johnston/Marco Checchetto)
29:00 Shadowland #03 (Andy Diggle/Billy Tan)
33:20 2000ad #1701 (Various)

46:10 Spotlight: Tintin In Tibet (Herge)