#MOMBcast Art Request!

Hi, all!

We know that there are some ridiculously cool artists that for some inexplicable reason have allowed us to call them chums, and we’d like to ask you all a favour. We need art that we can use as default images for certain posts, such as the podcast episodes, when we move everything over here to the website. Art doesn’t have to be newly created – if you have appropriate work that you’d be happy for us to use, in high enough quality that we can sample it, we’d be super grateful.

We’re preferably looking for monkey-related art, but here’s our ideal shopping list at the moment, with a suggestion of themes – which may become a bit obvious as the list unfolds:

Podcast art, to go on podcast posts: monkeys, audio, geekiness.
Generic posts like this one: monkeys.
Comic posts: monkeys, comics.
Movie posts: monkeys, movies.
TV posts: monkeys, TV.
Video game posts: monkeys, video games.
Generic book posts: monkeys, books.

The two we really need asap are the top two – we’d like to try and get our podcast archive moved over here in the next couple of weeks, and, well, posts like this one need some decoration, and art for Generic posts can be used for everything!

Images need to fit our 640px by 250px slideshow, but also be bold enough to work when the theme crops and reduces it to 195px by 110px, and crops the middle out for the small square thumbs. (Nick is favouring work that looks cool and close-uppy in intense crop – Lichtensteiney, if you like – because he must have seen it on somebody else’s website and thought it was awesome. He’s a thief of ideas. But he isn’t married to them.)

Black & white or colour is fine, any style as long as it looks awesome. The thinking at the moment for usage is that the podcast image would stay the same, but if we get multiple images, we’ll be able to use a few to keep the other posts fresh.

In return all we can offer is our love, and the opportunity for your art to become part of the fabric of our humble site. And James will give you a kiss. Unless you really don’t want him to. If you’re interested in contributing, or want to ask us a question, please comment on this post, e-mail us at mombcast (at) gmail dot com, or get in touch with one of us either directly or using the #MOMBcast hashtag on Twitter.


The Monkeys!

(Slideshow image for this post derived – awkwardly – from photo by Cyril Bèle, available here.)