Convention Report: Thoughtbubble 2011


From the 18th to the 22nd of this month, Nick, Jane and Steev went on an adventure up to Leeds, for Thoughtbubble 2011.

James was not present.

On the way back, and at considerable risk to themselves, the three intrepid convention-goers recorded this very special convention report. James didn’t take part in the recording, because he wasn’t there.

Notes & Timings

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West – The Confederate Dead – Buy it here
Jambo – Buy it here
100 Planets – Read it here
Bunny – Read it here
Moo & Keo – Read it here
Orangutan comics – Official Website here
Paper Science – Buy it here
Psychiatric Tales – Buy it from Blank Slate/Buy it from Amazon
Nelson – Buy it from Blank Slate/Buy it from Amazon
The Accidental Salad – Buy it from Blank Slate/Buy it from Amazon
The Lengths – Buy it here
The Peckham House For Invalids – Buy it here
Girl & Boy – Read the preview here
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Show Timings – Contain Spoilers:

00:00:30 The only one that people listen to/Convention with a baby/Wristbands/Smurfs
00:02:30 Start Proper
00:04:00 The Journey
00:05:00 Meeting Keehar
00:05:25 Podcaster expectations
00:05:50 Meeting Andrew Cheverton
00:06:00 Meeting @stacebob & @grampus & @dionscrolls for a curry, & then @geebie & Paul Friar for hotel drinks
00:08:30 Jambo EVERYWHERE

00:10:50 Bewleys not yet a disappointment/It was good because it was free/Pretty sloppy so it goes down really easy/Gluttony and full-length mirror anxiety/A wolf in this bar

00:14:20 Arrived at the hall/A density of cosplayers
00:16:10 Stacey Whittle and girls and Batman
00:17:00 Grumpy Elektra/Cosplaying as a dirty old man/Lack of queues/The slowest quick sweep ever
00:18:50 Bevis Musson & Daniel Merlin Goodbrey
00:19:20 A military failure/Missing Becky Cloonan/Nun More Drink Problem
00:19:40 Lem & Victoria & Matt Dyson
00:21:20 New edition of Moo & Keo
00:22:00 The Melon of Chance
00:24:50 Seeing Andrew Cheverton & Tim Keable and their book The Confederate Dead
00:25:50 Antony Johnston and Movember
00:26:00 Seeing George Beedham & David Wynne & Holly & Ian Sharman
00:27:00 That’s when we met Stacey Whittle
00:29:20 Missing Leigh Gallagher
00:30:20 Luke Pearson
00:31:00 Social anxiety and comfort
00:32:00 Seeing Marc Ellerby
00:32:50 Seeing Douglas Noble & Gary Northfield
00:34:00 Graham Johnson and his book Arthur and Posey
00:35:30 Two days instead of one day
00:36:30 Meeting Michael Leader of We Are Words And Pictures, talking Paper Science, Vanessa
00:37:20 Meeting Timothy Swann
00:37:50 White suits, Kieron Gillen and Jane’s wandering eyes
00:38:30 Timothy Swann’s secret hotel bar adventures

00:39:30 Interlude

00:40:50 Dinner at Pizza Express
00:43:10 Economic Downturn/Cashpoint Drama/15 minutes/Windows Update/Schoolboy Error

00:48:30 The Party
00:50:20 Hanging out with @StaceBob & Kehaar?
00:52:20 Talking to Bevis Musson about Batgirl
00:52:45 Bar chat with Dave Montieth
00:53:00 Antony Johnston dancefloor/Resenting Geek Syndicate/OH OUCH MUSIC BURN
00:54:00 Fog adventure with Paul McCartney
00:54:00 Kehaar, George, Lem, Victoria, David, Amanda, #RoyOrbisonClingFilm
00:56:20 Erasing The Internet is the only way to be sure/Natural Laws of the Internet/Formative Pornography Story

00:59:00 Interlude – Transfer

00:59:20 Camden Foods

01:00:00 Sunday
01:00:40 Meeting Martin Steenton at Blank Slate Books
01:00:50 Meeting Darryl Cunningham, talking about his book Psychiatric Tales, and Editorial In Action
01:03:10 Bevis Musson & Daniel Merlin Goodbrey good chats
01:03:20 The Day Of Having Chats
01:05:12 Meeting Martin Eden
01:06:40 Meeting Joe Decie – Accidental Salad – and Sean Azzopardi -
01:07:30 Metaphysical Conversations/Roller Girls are here. But why?/Fanny Batter
01:09:50 Meeting Woodrow Phoenix & buying Nelson (going to second printing!)
01:10:20 Missing Rob Davis

01:10:40 Cashpoint Commentary
01:11:50 Meeting Budgie
01:12:14 Talking to Howard Hardiman about his book The Lengths
01:13:10 No Trade
01:13:40 Buying The Peckham House For Invalids by Howard Hardiman with Julia Scheele
01:13:50 Meeting Andrew Tunney and reading his preview of Girl & Boy
01:14:50 Meeting Mark Penman – the first issue of his book Peabody & D’Gorath is free at SLG
01:15:10 Meeting Adam Cadwell – buying The Everyday
01:15:20 Meeting D’israeli, Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, Mawil and Luke Pearson
01:16:13 Meeting Anna – That Swedish Girl – & Chris Staros of Top Shelf
01:16:30 A Nice Burger


Matt Farr/@thegrampus
Paul Richardson/@crimson_archer
Andrew Cheverton/@acheverton
Tim Keable
Stacey Taylor/@StacebobT
Matt Farr/@thegrampus
Dion Winton-Polak/@Dion_Scrolls
George Beedham/@geebie
Paul Friar/
Stacey Whittle/@stace_w
Bevis Musson/@bevismusson
Daniel Merlin Goodbrey/@merlism
Matt Dyson/@keozen
David Wynne/@davidwynne
Ian Sharman/@idsharman
Antony Johnston/@antonyjohnston
Luke Pearson/@thatlukepearson
Marc Ellerby/@marcellerby
Douglas Noble/@douglasnoble
Gary Northfield/@gnorthfield
Graham Johnson/@MrGJohnson
Michael Leader/@Nevskyp
Timothy Swann/@tetrarchangel
Dave Montieth/@geeksyndicate
Martin Steenton/@Steenton
Blank Slate Books/@BlankSlateBooks
Darryl Cunningham/@DarrylToon
Martin Eden
Joe Decie/@joedecie
Sean Azzopardi/@Seanazz
Woodrow Phoenix/@mrphoenix
Rob Davis/
Howard Hardiman/@howardhardiman
Julia Scheele/@juliascheele
Andrew Tunney/@AndrewTunney
Mark Penman/@M_D_Penman
Adam Cadwell/@adamcadwell
Warwick Johnson-Cadwell/@WarwickJC

Music by:

The Pixies/Joanne Newsom/Blockhead/Emiliana Torrini/Bloodhound Gang