MOMBcast Live Recording!

If you’ve been listening to the MOMBcast recently, you’d have heard us mention the LIVE RECORDING of the 2011 Review of the Year. It’s happening Thursday 22nd December, we’ve got David Wynne there as a special guest, and it’s going to be ace!

(Or brain crushingly humiliating. One or the other. Or both.)

Anyway, we thought we’d give you a look at the flyer that’s been put together for us by the lovely Steev. Also, the poster. And both are available below, in handy downloadable style, for you to print out and stick to the wall! Or use to promote the show! Or, y’know, to tear into tiny strips, and pretend like you’re causing us voodoo pain!

A4 poster pdf | Double-sided A5 flyer

You know what? You should even consider coming along! It’ll be great to see you! And you’ll get to tell us what you think the real comic highlights of 2011 have been!