Wrath Of The Titans

Some years have passed since the events of the first film, and Perseus is trying to live a simple life of a fisherman and a father, when all hell breaks loose. Titans start rampaging, and Hades attempts to free his father (the enormous lava beast Kronos) to unleash Armageddon by capturing Zeus and draining his power (in what looks like a crucifiction) and feeding it to Kronos. Perseus then sets out on a quest to try and stop it and free Zeus. That’s about it really.

The original 80s Clash was fun, and featured some fine creatures brought to life by the brilliant Ray Harryhausen. The 2010 remake featured terrible CGI, a poor performance from its lead, and terrible 3D.

This sequel to the remake is unsurprisingly on a par with the 2010 film. The CGI has improved though due to the speed of the action sequences and the creatures, you can’t make anything out, which is also similar to the pacing of the film, in that it moves at such a pace to begin with that it feels as rushed as an short episodic comic strip, not taking any time to establish the new status quo or how the characters have changed since the events of the first film.

Leading man Sam Worthington phones it in once again in a very bland performance. Rosamund Pike looks very nice as Andromeda and the look of the Ancient Greek setting makes you long for the great adventure film this could have been. The better performances come from a cameo by Bill Nighy and Toby Kebbell as Agenor, who steals the scenes from the wooden Perseus.

The film takes the familiar ‘we have to journey, or quest for something or someone’ route, and shortly into this journey you find yourself asking “are we there yet?” like a bored child. The film looks good, and there are plenty of well-realised visual shots; it just lacks when anyone has to speak or interact or emote or plot. It was funny to see the clockwork owl from the 80′s cameo once again, though.

A shame this wasn’t more like the fun of the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s old legends-based adventures like Sinbad, Jason and the Argonauts, and even the original Clash.