MOMBcast #140


In our 140th episode, we talk about this week’s comics, and in her spotlight Jane talks about Like A River by Pierre Wazem.

Contribution by Matt Dyson on this week’s Oatmeal fiasco – find out more here.

Show notes & timings:

00:05:00 Our weeks

00:18:30 This week’s comics
00:20:00 American Vampire: Lord Of The Nightmares #1 by Scott Snyder & Dustin Nguyen
00:24:30 Before Watchmen – Silk Spectre #1 by Darwyn Cooke & Amanda Conner
00:32:00 Frankenstein: Agent Of Shade #10 by Matt Kindt & Alberto Ponticelli
00:40:00 Batman #10  by Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo
00:44:30 Steed & Mrs Peel #6 by Anne Caulfield & Ian Gibson
00:49:30 Amazing Spider-Man #687 by Dan Slott & Stefano Caselli
00:56:30 The Massive #1 by Brian Wood & Kristian Donaldson

01:04:30 Matt Dyson on the Oatmeal fundraiser

01:14:30 Awkward middle bit – all about fan and creator entitlement, kinda. Also, James talks about Newsstand and The Dandy.

01:26:30 Spotlight: Like A River by Pierre Wazem

Approximately 01:44:30 Our coming weeks