Double Jumpers #2 By Dave Dwonch & Bill Blankenship

The first issue of Double Jumpers introduced us to a group of real world video game designers who found themselves trapped in the virtual world of they had created while the characters they played in the game found themselves unceremoniously thrust into the real world.  Double Jumpers #2 sees our real world heroes try to figure a way out of the game while the game heroes try to find dinner. This might not sound like too tough a task for either group but the reality is of course somewhat different.


The first issue of Double Jumpers was hugely entertaining & the second sees no reason to be any different. Dave Dwonch’s writing has always been sharp where the dialogue is concerned but Double Jumper’s also demonstrates his knack for understanding the best way to tell the story as a whole. While on the face of it Double Jumpers is a simple Fish out of Water comedy it’s one that has an innate understanding of which particular pool it was swimming around in to start with, & it’s this understanding which provides the issues best moments: In particular a throwaway Gauntlet reference provides the issue’s standout piece of dialogue while the virtual characters stumbling into a situation not of their making turns into a comedy of errors in more ways than one.


Not to be outdone by the local wordsmith Bill Blankenship continues to demonstrate his artistic prowess. While anime inspired CG coloured comics are not to everyone’s taste you can’t deny that Blankenship has the skills that will not only pay the bills but will probably also contribute to a very nice house to rack those bills up in. The artwork on display in Double Jumpers is fantastic yet Blankenship doesn’t ever feel like he’s showboating, instead his layouts are straightforward & the panels mesh well with the script & ensure that the physical elements of the comedy work just as well as the verbal ones.


Chances are if you picked up Double Jumpers #1 then #2 is sitting somewhere on your spinning order already. If it isn’t then it probably should be otherwise people might start thinking you’ve been taken over by a character from a video game who has no idea what comics are.

You can pick up Double Jumpers in stores come August (Diamond Code JUN120756)