MOMBcast #144


In a very special episode, it’s just Nick and James, and they just talk about comics. And other stuff.

This one should come with a Trigger warning.

Louis CK’s $5 DRM free special is here:
Aziz Ansari’s $5 DRM free special is here:
David Brother’s brilliant post about Billy Tucci & Blackwater is here:
The Oxymoron Kickstarter is here:

Show notes & timings:

00:01:00 Our weeks
00:04:00 Louis CK Standup Virgin

00:14:00 Our comics
00:14:30 Chew #1 Secret Agent Poyo by John Layman & Rob Guillory
00:21:30 Lil Depressed Boy #12 by S Steven Struble & Sina Grace
00:25:00 Jennifer Blood #14 by Al Ewing & Kewber Baal
00:28:00 Conan The Barbarian #6 by Brian Wood & James Harren/Dave Stewart
00:33:00 The Massive #2 by Brian Wood & Kristian Donaldson
00:42:00 Punk Rock Jesus #1 by Sean Murphy
00:47:00 2000AD #1791 by various
00:57:00 Revival #1 by Tim Seely & Mike Norton

01:06:30 Walking Dead #100
01:08:30 The Tyranny of IP
01:12:30 Billy Tucci Blackwater
01:14:30 Creator-Owned Comic Creators Unhelpful
01:15:30 Oxymoron Kickstarter
01:16:30 Judge Dredd Reviews
01:18:00 Question: Do you have a backlog of comics to read? How do you handle it?