Double Jumpers #3: By Dave Dwonch & Bill Blankenship

Scripted events are an odd thing in video games. For a medium that specialises so much in putting the player in control there have been a multitude of games where I’ve got to a particular point and realised that if the character on screen truly were me then I’d be doing the very opposite of what they were. Or worse yet the game simply bugs the Hell out and the Tank that was meant to come through the wall doesn’t & you have to restart the entire level & kill everyone again just to get back to that one event, before fighting your way through another 12 samey looking levels just to see the incredibly average ending.


I bring up the point about scripted events because there is a scene in the latest issue of Double Jumpers that reflects my reminiscences (& no doubt that of many other gamers) almost exactly, reminding you that while you might be telling your character where to go, it’s still the game that’s ultimately in control. Whether you’re a fan of video games or not though Dave Dwonch has a knack for pitching his writing at multiple audiences within the same piece & Double Jumpers bounces off that to reach the sort of platforms most other comics can’t quite reach meaning you don’t have to be a fan of video games to appreciate why this is a good book. As the end of his quest draws ever nearer Dwonch takes his foot off the gas a little to pull in the threads of his story to tie them all up. While the resolution for our characters both in the Digital domain and out of it is not immediately apparent, if the build up is anything to go by, it at least promises to be interesting.


I could spend the next entire paragraph talking about how good Bill Blankenship’s art is but I’d just be repeating superlatives I’ve already used in previous reviews. Just take my word – it looks good. In fact don’t take my word. Look at this picture (Yes I know it’s the one off the cover but it was the least spoilery one I could find). It’s good isn’t it? I rest my case.

While this issue of Double Jumpers is a little more sedately paced its predecessors this is because most of it is spent putting the pieces in play for the final showdown next issue. It is still enjoyable though & unlike some games this story offers the promise of a far more satisfying ending & what’s more you wn’t have to restart the entire book just to see it.