MOMBcast #235


In a very special MOMBcast, Nick is joined in the studio by Life Partner Steev, for his first full appearance on the show. They talk about some comics, and then Steev corners Nick on one of his most deeply held, arbitrary comic prejudices.

Updated 25/04/14:
Steev would like to apologise to Nicolas Gilligan Williams for calling him Ned throughout the review of Heads #1.

Show notes:
Mostly Wordless by Jed Alexander – link.
Heads by Nicolas Gilligan Williams – link.
Nicolas Gilligan Williams – link.
“Looking Back At Thoughtbubble 2013″ by Steev Bishop – link.
Steev Bishop shop – link.
Unanswered #20: Procrastination – link.

Show timings:
00:01:00 – Preamble

00:22:00 – This Week’s Comics:
00:24:00 – Elektra #1 by W Hayden Blackman & Michael del Mundo
00:42:00 – The Fuse #3 by Antony Johnston & Justin Greenwood
00:51:30 – Mostly Wordless by Jed Alexander
01:01:00 – Caliban #1 by Garth Ennis & Facundo Percio
01:13:00 – Heads #1 by Nicolas Gilligan Williams

01:21:00 – Awkward Middle Bit: Comic pricing and shameless schilling.

01:27:00 – Our Weeks