MOMBcast Free Comic Book Day 2014 Special


On the 4th of May, 2014, we were invited back to Forbidden Planet in Southampton for Free Comic Book Day.

Unfortunately Jane couldn’t make it, but Life Partner Steev joined James and Nick for the whole day. As with last year, we spent a lot more time hanging out with lovely people than we did reading comics and recording. But we did record, you guys. We did.

We also had some guests come over to talk to us on the mic! Including JonMOMB! And James (not Jamie) Hewlett! And Ash Fielder!
As well as loads of lovely people who came over to talk to us who weren’t on the mic! And John Higgins!

There’s also a competition! To win over 50 of the comics that were available on Free Comic Book Day! Or one of a few smaller bundles! But you’ll have to listen to the show to know how to enter!

(Hint: It’s after the 01:55:00 mark!)

Things that are brutally important:

Carl Riley (who is an artist that we met!) at DeviantArt – link
Miss Pickle-Berry – a delightful young lady who was there with her parents – has a bakery blog – link
Ash Fielder at DeviantArt – link
Three Legged Sofa – link